CPA Tracy Fisher has twenty years of experience working with businesses in the Portland area.

CPA for Successful Business

Their expertise in financial projections and in accessing financial statements is invaluable and provides businesses with a financial roadmap to success.

Businesses can depend on Tracy Fisher’s practice and their insightful and accurate accounting on operations, including cash handling and budgeting. Business owners should know how critical it is to set goals that can be realistically achieved and modified as the business grows. The firm can help your business define these goals with their proven accounting systems.

New businesses can capitalize on Tracy Fisher's experience of starting businesses on the path of financial success.

Older and more established businesses can utilize the firm’s expertise in analyzing financial statements and helping owners understand their financial goals.
Having the right financial picture of your business is critical to the success of your business. Tracy Fisher believes that your business deserves an accurate accounting of your business so you can achieve such goals. The practice’s commitment to providing quality services shows in their willingness to meet with clients one on one and customize a plan for them. Clear and concise communication is also a key factor in the smooth operation of your business. Open communication saves both time and money.
Organizing your financial statements can be a hassle. Tracy Fisher can help your business organize your finances so you can navigate your business to success.



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